‘Aladdin Sane’
45 x 43 cm - Edition 65 in 4 colour way options
4 colour hand pulled screenprint on Somerset satin
white 300gsm paper. Foiled white eyes and embossed.
INVADER returns with a pop cultural mash-up of an eighties video game with
70's face paint that somehow manages to feel fresh and relevant. How does that work?

A quick search of what the Frenchman is up to reveals his website is currently under reconstruction.
Lets hope he does his own tiling. Due to high demand this print is limited to one per household,
and remember - the computer automatically voids you forever if it catches you trying to get around it.

‘Watch Your Back’ 60 x 44cm - Edition 75
9 colour screen print on a hand sprayed background.
Arches 88 300gsm paper.
A lot of people complain we don't make enough prints of dogs in hipster hats - so maybe this'll go some way
to redress the balance. Paul has been painting these eyes for a while now, let's hope he uses the proceeds
from this print to get a decent therapist to tell him what the hell they mean.
A manifesto carved from swearwords and neon, this is by GOLDPEG,
but she’s not putting her name to it. “I’m not the first to use these words and if you
relate to them you can claim them, the sentiment isn’t a finite resource” she says.

Peg originally made a bunch of these as posters to service the London squatting scene
where they were pasted up, turned into placards, and sometimes confiscated by police.
She agreed to make an edition for POW only on condition “we make this an
open print run as cheap as possible, so it doesn't just get condemned to
resales on ebay or hid away for safe keeping”

So here it is - unsigned, unbranded, unnumbered, printed on paper from a workers co-op.
Four colour hand pulled silkscreen. 140gsm Cyclus Offset Paper. £30.00
Escif makes exactly the kind of art we always need and rarely seem to get.
- it's inventive, timely, astute and witty. And he delivers it with the casual grace of a master craftsman.
This is 'CUTS' - and you're unlikely to find a better print about fiscal downsizing
anywhere else in the world this week.

Escif ‘CUTS’
Edition 80. Nine colour hand pulled silkscreen. Somerset velvet white 300gsm paper.
48x32.5cm. Price £120.00
Please note: Yes, this is the actual top of the print and not a trimming error.