Due to overwhelming demand and some catastrophic failures by Royal Mail, we are extending the final closing date until midnight on 22 January 2018. This extension is full and final so please get all orders in by then as we're unable to drag this out any further.

The POW archive and authentication process will continue in the future.

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x much love POW

Banksy "Sale Ends"
Originally produced for the Barely Legal show in 2006 this print was substantially re-worked by the artist and then left on a shelf. An edition of 500 hand-pulled screen prints, 76 x 56 cm, signed & numbered. Lottery winners have now been notified.
Gee Vaucher "Flying High"
A companion piece to an earlier release, but never put on sale for some reason. Available here.
The Date Farmers "Don't Fight Back"
WAS £145   /   NOW £99.99
Inexplicably didn't sell out despite being one of the finest prints we’ve ever made. Now reduced by 30% and free p&p. Come on people!
Escif "Cuts"
A timely piece about austerity released in 2013 that used a hard crop to reference ‘off with their heads’ republicanism. A clever piece by a great artist and you guys are crazy to be sleeping on it.
T-shirt bundle - DISMALAND (Kids)
Classic tees from the never to be repeated misery-fest.
3 books and a POW postcard pack
T-shirt bundle - DISMALAND
Classic tees from the never to be repeated misery-fest. Subdued colours.
Paul Insect "Target No.11 RC1"


POW was started sixteen years ago by a loose collection of graffiti artists and illustrators shunned by the controlling influences of the day. Working from borrowed office space in East London we set about producing, promoting and distributing our own art.

The invention of the internet and the cardboard tube enabled us to circumvent the centuries-old grip of the established art world and we laid waste to their cronyism and vested interests and good taste. We delivered a new generation of art directly into people’s homes. Well, the Royal Mail did most of it.

Somewhere along the way we mastered our craft and many POW prints have become benchmarks within the industry. We pioneered the use of foil block, embossing and glitter colours and we were the first in the industry to use non-solvent based inks. We never put anything down the drain except effort.

Throughout it all POW has remained an independent, artist-run operation, organising landmark exhibitions and pioneering the concept of a shit pop-up shop long before it became fashionable.

However, inevitably disaster struck - and many of our artists became successful. Street Art was welcomed into mainstream culture with the benign shrug of a hippy parent. The clocks didn’t stop, society didn’t seem to improve or even care and the art we produced became another tradeable commodity, despite our best efforts at poor customer service and price fixing. Regrettably some POW prints have now become worth tens of thousands of pounds.

So this is it, the writing is on the wall. POW has proved unwilling or unable to become the sort of professional retail outlet that services a demand whether our hearts are in it or not. Its time to call it quits. Well, it was time to call it quits about three years ago, but hey...

Thanks for your interest, your patience and your custom. Please join us in our next venture.


Ian Stevenson "Climate Change"
WAS £75   /   NOW £40
GROTESK "Style Master"
WAS £85   /   NOW £42.50
Small format and easy to find a home for. Probably fits straight in an ikea frame.
Al Murphy "The Rolling Stones"
WAS £75   /   NOW £50
Todd James "Pirate Radio"
It is totally bizarre these are still available. Not many left.
Alexone "Secret Penguin"
WAS £95   /   NOW £45
The Date Farmers "Free Sleep"
WAS £175   /   NOW £122.50
Maybe it doesn’t translate over the net, but this is a very good thing.
Pete Fowler "Gwynneth"
WAS £75   /   NOW £37.50
Zach Schrey "Mickey Mouse Clubbed"
WAS £95   /   NOW £30
Eric The Dog "Two Monkeys
WAS £200   /   NOW £75
Pacolli "Speak & Spell"
WAS £75   /   NOW £30
Andy Rementer "Funeral"
WAS £50   /   NOW £20
Ded "Ron"
WAS £90   /   NOW £60
Jerome Miller "Black Panther"
WAS £110   /   NOW £55
Sickboy "Loveland"
WAS £120   /   NOW £60
Kill Pixie "House Of Cards"
WAS £90   /   NOW £30